Saihoko Labs

Saihoko Labs is NFT company based on the blockchain environment. As a technology startup, Saihoko focus on all initiatives related to decentralization, tokenization and the broader virtual reality known as the Metaverse. They act as an incubator for projects driven by blockchain and NFT technology. Building brands, communities and project economies while entering the next phase of web development.


As a project incubator, their priority is to combine launchpad and hub functions in the decentralized NFT and cryptocurrency space. Saihoko Labs introduces developers and companies to the world of NFTs. Comprehensive development and support of projects based on block connection technology. Providing solutions in terms of know-how, strategy, technology, branding, marketing, networking, financing or investing. Their goal is clear – to make NFT and blockchain technology widely available, while improving the operations of more industries.


Thay are constantly exploring the NFT and cryptocurrency space to discover new opportunities and ideas. For future projects, they focus on providing maximum value to the community and undeniable benefits to developers and businesses. Saihoko Labs focuses on all areas related to what is commonly referred to as Web 3.0. and are constantly exploring the market in search of new opportunities presented by NFT technology.


Our Naming service consisted of analyzing the specific blockchain industry in which the company operates and establishing a vision for Saihoko Labs’ growth and scaling.

– The name Saihoko Labs consists of 3 elements. These are the words: Saikō, Hōkō and Labs.
– Saihōkō is a word created from Saikō and Hōkō.
– Saikō comes from the Japanese language and means „supreme.”
– Hōkō, also from Japanese, means „direction.”
– Labs refers to the nature of the company and the innovation industry in which it operates.
– The Japanese language used in the name is not accidental. The overtone of the company’s name is meant to emphasize the nature of the company’s technological advancement.
– An additional reason for the use of Japanese is that the world’s oldest brand, Kongō Gumi, originated in Japan.
” As of 2021, the Japanese construction company Kongō Gumi, founded in 578 C.E is the oldest existing company worldwide, and has operated for around 1443 years.”

The Naming service included:

– Company, Product, Campaign, and Services naming
 Market, Projects in space & Opportunities research
– Brand Long term & Creative development
– Domain name registration
– Linguistic screening


Our Strategy service, consisted of thorough and in-depth research and analysis of a number of elements related to the establishment and long-term development of the Saihoko Labs brand.

The Strategy service included:
– Brand core: Essence & values, Manifestos, Architecture, Language and Positioning.
– Market, Projects in space & Opportunities research.
– Brand Long term & Creative development.
– Communication & Marketing planning.

Part of the brand’s strategic assumptions were published in a Whitepaper we developed.


Our Branding service, consisted of identifying the most important brand factors and correlating them with the brand’s target audience and the market in which the company operates.

The Branding service included:
– Tone of voice, Nomenclature, Positioning, Differentiation
– Visual identity, Logo mark design, Branding assets, Graphic design.
– Brand architecture, Sub-branding
– Verbal identity, Top-level messaging, Naming services.

Some of the Branding creations we have prepared can be seen in the links above.


Our Digital service, consisted of online implementation of pre-established assumptions with regard to the long-term development and overall tone of the brand. All online activities correlated with the previously prepared operations strategy and are aimed at scaling Saihoko Labs.

Digital service included:
– Digital strategy, Information architecture, Planning
– User experience, Design concepts
– Content creation, Marketing, Development
– Hosting, Maintenance

Some of the Digital creations we prepared can be seen in the links above.


Our Marketing service, was based on a thorough familiarization with the industry and a gradual scaling of the tested solutions. One of the key factors related to Marketing and positioning the Saihoko Labs brand is networking and solid market knowledge.

Marketing service included:
– Marketing strategy, Engagement planning
– Media evaluation, Social channels boost, Google Ads & SEO
– Audience persona’s, Research & reporting
– Tone of voice & social, Design concepts
– Content generation, Creative direction, Top-level messaging

Some of the Marketing solutions can be seen in the links above.